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Reiki and Healing

Elayne is an intuitive healing therapist who has a holistic approach to health and well-being.

Reiki and healing treatments help balance your mind, body and spirit by clearing energy blockages and increasing energy flow.

The effects of reiki and healing are relaxation, peace and calm.

​Cost of session: $80 for an hour.

Reiki healing sessions

What happens in a reiki healing?

Elayne uses various methods in her sessions to help your body heal naturally. These methods include reiki healing, chakra balancing, NLP, channeling, color therapy, aura soma, crystal healing, and essential oils.

A typical healing session involves the following elements:

The session begins with a discussion about any specific issues, concerns, or areas of the body that need attention. This helps Elayne to tailor the session to her client's particular needs.

The sessions take place in her massage room - a quiet and comfortable space. The client lies down on a massage table, fully clothed.

Elayne places her hands lightly on or near the client's body - sensing their energy field and chakra system. The she channels energy to clear and open the energy centers or chakras in the body. She may also use a hands-off approach, depending on the client's comfort level and preferences.

She uses her hands to give the client energy, helping them relax, release tension, and heal naturally.

She observes and listens deeply to ascertain what else is needed in the session to improve the body's energy systems. At times she may work with her client's spirit guides and ancestors to promote understanding and emotional healing.

During an energy healing session, people may feel warmth, tingling, or deep relaxation. Some people report feeling emotional releases or a shift in their energy. Other people see beautiful colours.

After the session, we may discuss the experience, any sensations felt, or insights gained. Elayne can help with self-care and lifestyle changes to improve well-being and quality of life.

People often consider reiki and healing as a complementary therapy and not a substitute for conventional medical treatment. If you are not sure about having a session with Elayne, talk to your healthcare professional first. Use it as part of a whole-body wellness plan.

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