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Are you ready for a break through?

Have you ever wanted to make a change in your life, yet found it difficult to do? Whether it's giving up smoking or changing a habit, getting over a fear, phobia or sleeping problem - trying to make changes from the level of the analytical mind just doesn't seem to work. This is because the problem is lodged in the subconscious part of the mind.

Hypnosis accesses your subconscious mind which runs your body, beliefs and emotions, where you can re-programme it at a deep level and have lasting change. ​

Breaking chains

Quit Smoking

Whether it's cigarettes, roll ups, pipes or other types of smoking, hypnosis will help you to re-programme your mind so that you quit forever.

Stop smoking now

Pain Relief Hypnosis

Did you know that even if you feel pain in the body, the pain actually comes from different centers in the brain?

Hypnosis works with the different areas of the brain to change their patterns so you that can get relief and start moving again.

Pain relief hypnosis helps frozen shoulders, abdominal pain, headaches, general pain and pain after an injury.

Neck pain

Sleep Hypnosis

Are you tired of tossing and turning all night, struggling to get a good night's sleep? Do you wish you could effortlessly drift off into a peaceful slumber, waking up refreshed and energized? Look no further—my sleep hypnosis program is here to help you achieve just that!

Woman sleeping
Stress and Anxiety Hypnosis

Anxiety is an awful feeling. The body seems to take over and does something to us which we cannot control. When anxiety is running, we can experience symptoms such as sweating, heart palpitations, nausea, dry mouth, breathing difficulties and the inability to think straight. They are all natural human responses and very helpful when the body thinks it’s in danger or under threat – it triggers your fight, flight, freeze survival system. However it's not helpful at all when responses turn up at the wrong time!

The good news is, there is a way out of it through hypnosis. Over a period of weeks I meet with you and we begin to re-programme your mind so that you can calm down and get your life back. You will learn practical techniques to change your stress or anxiety response. The one-to-one sessions are combined with the use of an on-line training programme where you can download resources and hypnosis sessions to listen to during the week.​

Elayne with a hypnosis client

Hypnosis for Fear or Flying

Maybe some time in the past you had a bad experience around flying, or perhaps you have never travelled before that makes travel feel scary for you. Perhaps you have such a vivid imagination that you have frightened yourself so much about flying that you just cannot get on a plane.

If you have a fear of flying you are not alone - there are millions of people who feel the same way. They have built up anxiety before a flight, constantly thinking about it whilst having that sinking feeling inside their stomach, and the more they think about it and the more they feel afraid, the more they are associating themselves into the fear of flying.

The good news is, it can be changed through a simple protocol which uses your imagination in a different way.

Man at airport watching a plane takeoff

Hypnotherapy for Menopause

Menopause is a transition of mind, body and spirit which takes a long time. Women have described this to me as "I've been pulled out of the ground and replanted in an unfamiliar place". It's confronting and not for the faint-hearted.

Getting through it is tough... mood swings, increased sensitivity to the environment, conflict with family, hot flushes, inability to cope, no energy are just some of the symptoms we deal with.

This hypnosis programme helps you to get through the difficult times, maintain healthy relationships and keep your sanity!

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

"I tried on my summer clothes for the season and half of them don't fit - how am I going to lose all the weight I put on over the winter?" If this sounds like you, then help is at hand.

Weight loss doesn't involve diets or calorie counting. It doesn't doesn't have to be difficult either - especially if you change your mind set with hypnosis and the tools I'm going to give you.

Let me help you lose weight through this hypnosis programme.

Measuring tummy width

Hypnotherapy for Emotions

Sometimes our emotions begin to run our lives, whether its depression, grief and sadness, fear or a phobia, anger or jealousy. Its an emotional loop that goes around and around.

Over a period of several weeks I meet with you to re-programme your mind so that you can get your life back. You will learn practical techniques to change that repetitive response. The one-to-one sessions are combined with the use of an on-line training programme where you can download resources and hypnosis sessions to listen to during the week.​

Hypnotherapy for Trauma

Any kind of trauma - big or small - can create havoc with your daily life and steel away your enjoyment of it.

I use a hypnotic technique which does not dig up the past to clear trauma, so you can put it to rest and get on with your life.

Sexual Freedom Hypnosis

There comes a time in life where you want something more. Where you want to feel alive in your body.

But what if it's just not happening?

- You are afraid to be touched

- You cannot get turned on

- You cannot have an orgasm

- You feel anxious about sex

- Sex is painful

- You have had some 'not so wonderful experiences'...

​This programme will take you through step by step into a new place within yourself where you can let go and be free.

Note: this service is for women or couples only.

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