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Getting a good massage has many benefits. These include reducing stress, boosting the immune system, decreasing blood pressure, soothing muscle pain, and helping you relax.

I have practiced as a massage therapist for over 25 years and operate in the Nelson CBD. I offer several types of sessions, ranging from massage to healing.

I focus on relaxation massage, but you can also choose a deeper massage to relieve tight muscles and long-term tension.

My sessions are both therapeutic and nurturing.

Gift vouchers are available upon request.

Please note: I do not do any sexual/sensual massage.

Elayne giving a massage

Gentle but deep tissue massage for injuries, tight or frozen muscles

One Hour Massage - massage for muscular injuries, tight muscles, frozen shoulders, limited movement, and physical maintenance for active individuals. This involves a number of techniques including trigger point treatment.

Cost of Massage: $80

Note: These massages are not painful as I use medium pressure.

Relaxation Massage

One Hour Massage - relax and rejuvenate with a full body massage. It helps relieve muscular aches and pains, calms the mind and provides stress relief. A superbly gentle way to unwind. (There is NO sexual touch in this massage).

​Cost of Massage: $80

Aromatherapy Massage

One Hour Massage - luxuriate in this full body massage using long strokes and aromatherapy essential oils. This massage will deeply relax and rejuvenate both body, mind and spirit.

​Cost of Massage: $80

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Sore Muscle Buster! This one hour massage targets the back, neck, and shoulders to release tight muscles and reduce pain.

These massages are not painful as I use medium pressure and trigger point treatment.

Cost of Massage: $80

Pregnancy Massage

One hour massage with aromatherapy for pregnant women to reduce muscle pain during pregnancy, leaving you feeling relaxed.

Cost of Massage: $80

Chi Nei Tsang - Abdominal Treatment Massage

Chi Nei Tsang is a therapy for the abdomen. It helps with digestion, massages the organs, processes emotions, and relieves pelvic tension that causes back pain.

Treatments last 30-60 minutes and involve the client breathing deeply while the practitioner works on their abdomen.

Cost of Massage: $80

What Happens in a Massage Session?

A session consists of recording your medical history and ascertaining what sort of therapy you need.

During a massage, towels cover your body while leaving only the area being massaged uncovered. I use a number of therapeutic techniques to ease out tight muscles and other movements which help you to let go and relax.

Please note: I do not do Physiotherapy. I do not diagnose. My practice is non sexual.

Prices: All sessions are 60 minutes long and can be tailor-made/modified to suit your personal requirements and cost $80 per hour. Please allow an extra 15 minutes for a client consultation the first time you come. Appointments for sessions are essential.

Cancellation fee: There is a cancellation fee of $20 if Elayne is not notified within 24 hours of the appointment time.

Gift Vouchers: Treat someone special to a massage. Contact Elayne to arrange for a voucher.

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